Deleting a fake Facebook account

Fake Facebook account in your name

It’s not uncommon for an unknown person to create a Facebook account in someone else’s name, often including a profile picture. This can be very annoying and even harmful. What can you do if a fake Facebook account has been created in your name?

Terms of service and guidelines

Facebook enforces terms of service and guidelines that every user of the platform must accept beforehand. These rules state, among other things, that Facebook requires its users to give their accounts the same name they use in everyday life. According to Facebook, this is intended to create a safe environment where people can trust each other and hold each other accountable.

If reporting doesn’t help

If a fake account has been created in your name, you can inform Facebook and ask for the account to be deleted (report) via a digital form.

If Facebook does not delete the fake account, it can be summoned to the Dutch courts through a lawyer. The court can then be asked to order Facebook to delete the account. If the court issues such an order, it can attach a fine to enforce compliance.