Giving possession (completion)

In practice, a procedure has been developed for completion of the leased property at the commencement and termination of the lease contract. The lessor and the lessee inspect and inventory the leased property and record their findings on the maintenance condition, the presence of defects and the facilities in a document that is usually called a completion report, inspection report, survey report or description. Completion proceedings serve several purposes. It is not only important to record whether the lessor transfers the leased property without defects on commencement of the lease agreement, but also whether the lessee delivers the leased property without defects on termination of the lease agreement.

Preliminary and final inspection

On commencement of the lease, there is usually a one-time joint inspection. Often the lessee that is leaving is also present at this inspection. At the termination of the lease agreement, there are often two inspections: a preliminary inspection and a final inspection.

Tenancy lawyer in The Netherlands

In these cases, for the lessee as well as the lessor it is important that the procedural requirements under the law, the lease contract and the case law, are complied with in a timely and correct manner. A Dutch tenancy lawyer who knows about commercial tenancy law can be a huge help in such cases. AMS lawyers assist both lessees and lessors. Contact our law firm for a free meeting without obligation.