Settlement agreement

The settlement agreement in The Netherlands

If two or more parties have a dispute and reach certain agreements on that issue, it is always wise to clearly record those agreements in a settlement agreement. The Civil Code gives several rules on the settlement agreement. Setting down the agreements in writing can save having to go to court. And if litigation is unavoidable, because one of the parties does not comply with the agreement, a proper settlement agreement can turn a court case into a formality, thus saving time and money.

Dutch lawyer about the settlement agreement

This means that parties can enter into a settlement agreement to prevent or terminate a current insecurity or an existing dispute. Many settlement agreements are reached after settlement negotiations, during a personal appearance of the parties (hearing) in litigation, or otherwise. If a party in a settlement agreement fails to comply with a commitment (obligation) from this agreement, the other party is entitled, in principle, to fully or partially dissolve the settlement agreement, or to claim compliance with the agreement in court.

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