security rights

Security rights or interests are rights that serve to secure a claim. Examples of security rights under Dutch law are a right of pledge A right of pledge (the debtor) gives the pledgee (the creditor) a security until payment above other creditors by giving possession of assets
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right of pledge
or a mortgage A mortgage is a limited right given by a debtor on an asset intended as a security for the creditor that performances are fulfilled.
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. The holder of the security right can seek recovery from the asset which is encumbered with the security right.

In case of a pledge these assets The assets of a Dutch company reflect the value of all that the company possesses
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are usually goods or accounts receivable. In the Netherlands a mortgage can only be established on registered goods, such as real estate.

In most loan agreements some sort of security is stipulated for the payment of the debt.

Synonyms: security interests

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