Costs of litigation in The Netherlands

Litigation can be dead simple, or very complex and intensive. But in all matters, it is important that the client will receive both value for money and a good price / quality ratio. Dutch law firm AMS in Amsterdam offers sharp and transparent fee structures for every case. AMS attorneys is located 10 minutes from Amsterdam Airport and specializes in litigation. 

Legal fees: hourly rate

Our lawyers provide litigation services for clients throughout the world and have years of valuable experience in conducting legal proceedings in civil law matters.  In The Netherlands, attorneys are not allowed to work on a no-cure-no-pay-basis (except in the debt collection practice).  Most law firms in The Netherlands still exclusively calculate their fees on the basis of an hourly rate. In many cases, the hourly fee can be a honest and efficient method of calculating fees for legal assistance. Dutch law firm AMS therefore offers a competitive hourly rate.

Fixed fee or no-cure-less-pay

However, when agreeing an hourly fee, the client may have the feeling of giving a blank check. In most cases our lawyers therefore are willing to offer their clients to agree on a fixed fee. On the basis of the information provided, we can estimate the time involved. Another option is to agree on a no cure less pay-fee structure, in which – depending on the result – the rate may be raised depending on the results of the case. The minimum (fixed or hourly) fee can be very modest and affordable, but should at least be covering the actual costs of law firm AMS. In some cases, our lawyers are willing to agree on such fee structure.

No-cure-no-pay debt collection in The Netherlands not allowed

Debt collection cases are exempted from the rule that Dutch attorneys are not allowed to offer a no-cure-no-pay fee structure. Depending on (among other things) the nature and amount of the claims, our law firm can provide legal services in debt collection cases for a percentage of the collected amount and/or a modest fixed amount for file handling costs for every file. We always aim that the collection costs shall be for the full account of the debtor.