Removing a fake review on Google

Asking Google to remove a fake review

Many businesses are faced with it: fake reviews on Google. And one thing is certain: removing a Google review is not half as simple as posting it. If you want to have a fake review removed, you can submit a request to this end to Google. However, all that follows in most cases is a standard response from Google. The review remains in place, as Google is of the opinion that, because of the social function of its website, it should exercise restraint where it comes to imposing restrictions on reviews.

Having a fake Google review removed by a lawyer

However, a fake review is extremely harmful to the reputation of a business, and there is no doubt that it negatively impacts decisions of potential customers. If you as an entrepreneur get no response from Google, you can have a lawyer send a demand letter to Google, in which Google is demanded to remove those reviews.

IP address of fake Google account

In addition, Google may be demanded to provide the IP address of the computer using which the fake account was created, as well as any other information that Google has and that may result in finding out the identity of the person behind the fake account.

Preliminary relief proceedings by a specialised lawyer

If Google fails to comply with the demand latter of the lawyer, preliminary relief proceedings will have to be initiated. The legal starting point will be that Google, as a hosting provider, is liable for fake news / fake reviews on the basis of a wrongful act, after Google has been notified of the fake information and subsequently failed to act or to act quickly enough to remove such information. In such preliminary relief proceedings, the court in preliminary relief proceedings will have to decide for each review whether or not it is unlawful.