Credit management

Debt collection lawyer in The Netherlands

If you transfer your claim or accounts receivable portfolio to an AMS debt collection attorney, you know that you are handing over to an experienced debt collection attorney in The Netherlands. An attorney who will do everything possible, based on your personal debt collection policy, to collect your claim. And who will recover as many of your costs as possible on your debtor. Whether this is about collecting debts in The Netherlands or abroad, AMS Attorneys will always do their utmost to help you, both in the judicial and in the extrajudicial process.

Credit management in The Netherlands

Debt collection can be work in bulk. AMS Attorneys does this as well. But in many cases, debt collection is far from standard, but rather has to be customized. In such cases, sending a standard demand for payment is useless. Often you want to maintain your relationship with your customer. The AMS debt collection lawyers are very experienced in launching a personal debt collection policy in a cost-effective way.

Dutch law firm AMS

Law firm AMS is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The attorneys have gained a broad experience in advising and litigating for (international) companies and individuals. The attorneys are highly involved with their client’s interests and offer a sharp and transparent fee structure. Should you require more information on credit management in The Netherlands, or should you have any question with respect to litigation in The Netherlands, please feel free to contact one of our debt collection lawyers for a meeting, free of charge and obligation, to discuss credit management.