legal opinion

A legal opinion or opinion letter refers to a written document in which a lawyers gives his legal point of view regarding a certain issue. A legal opinion is often required when a client is considering making a transaction and he or the other party requires prior clarity about the legal effects of the transaction. 

A legal opinion sets out the legal effects of a certain transactions or business decision and informs the client about possible risks that may accompany that decision or transaction. 

Legal opinion by Dutch lawyer

Banks usually ask for a legal opinion before financing certain international transactions. If the transaction involves a foreign jurisdiction, a legal opinion by a lawyer based in the country where the transaction (or effects) takes place is commonly required. The lawyer overseas has to confirm that certain desired effects will take place under the law of that country. Dutch lawyers for example will provide legal opinions regarding the effects of transactions or mergers under Dutch law.

Also in situations where a company is incorporated in the Netherlands, Dutch law may be applicable. A Dutch lawyer could explain the legal consequences in a legal opinion.

Synonyms: opinion letter

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