contractor agreement

A contractor agreement according Dutch law is a contract between a (building) contractor and a client to create a tangible work (not constituting an employment contract). The client is obliged to pay the contract price. The contractor is obliged to create the work and must deliver it. Most common example of a contractor agreement is the building contract.

Tangible work

The work that is commissioned must be tangible (e.g. the built of a garage). If the commissioned work is not tangible (but merely intellectual), according to Dutch law it is specified as a contract for services. A set of different law provisions govern contracts for services in the Netherlands.

Contractor agreement in the Netherlands

The contractor agreement is a special contract which is separately regulated by law. In the Dutch Civil Code subjects such as cost-increasing circumstances, the delivery, contract variations and the contractor’s obligation to warn the client (e.g. against risks in the work) are provided for.



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