Second opinion by a Dutch lawyer

AMS Lawyers have frequently been approached by clients who are not completely satisfied with the legal advice and assistance they receive from their legal expenses insurance company. In these circumstances not only you may be able to lodge a complaint, but you also have the right to seek a second opinion from another lawyer of choice. This lawyer can review your case to check whether the legal insurance company is giving adequate advice. Dutch contract lawyer Thomas van Vugt, who is asked to give second legal opinions regularly, explains the procedure.


Complaints procedure legal insurance company

There are numerous insurance companies operating in The Netherlands who offer legal expenses insurance or legal protection insurance: DAS, Achmea, Interpolis, ING, to name a few. If you do not agree with the way your case has been handled by your legal expenses insurance company, you have the option to lodge a complaint. Every Dutch insurance company has an internal complaint procedure in place and most companies offer a standardized (digital) complaints form.

Dispute settlement rules: request a second opinion

Besides, an insured party in The Netherlands has the right to ask a second opinion of a lawyer. This right is laid down in the policy conditions. The costs of the second opinion will be chargeable to the legal insurance company. The insured party is free to choose a lawyer to review his case. The chosen lawyer will contact the legal insurance company directly to agree on a fee for the second opinion.

Second legal opinion by a Dutch lawyer

The solicitors of law firm AMS in Amsterdam have been retained for second opinions regularly and have gained broad experience in reviewing cases. Do you disagree with your legal expenses insurance company and are you looking for a lawyer who can give a second opinion about your case? Please feel free to contact our law firm for more information.